About Anna

About The Author

Anna creates an escape into the world of romance and eroticism. Her focus is on undying love and all the challenges we face. The worlds she creates swirl around an underlying theme of love, challenge, imminent heartbreak and always end with at least the possibility of a Happily Ever After

In her youth, Anna stayed awake into the early hours of the morning, typing on an old typewriter.  At the tender age of thirteen, she created horrific stories of blood, murder, and suicide that plagued her young mind until they had to be released onto the page. 

Anna’s love of writing started at that early age, but over the years, her work transfered from the twisted and morbid to the more lascivious and pleasurable. 

Today, Anna can be found in her comfortable, red armchair, coffee in hand, staring out at the surrounding fields, dreaming up new and decadent stories. 

She shares her life with an alpha male of her own, a family and many animals.

Anna began to publish her books, thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend.  This special person is always a support, encouraging Anna at every turn.  She helps to focus Anna’s mind when the many facets of writing get to be overwhelming. 

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