Already Mine Coming Soon!

Already Mine Coming Soon!

All my life my nose was pressed to the proverbial window.

I could see what love was. I could see how someone in love should act.

I wasn’t loved.

I wouldn’t settle, I’d made myself a promise that no matter what, I wouldn’t settle for less than real, true love.

Is it possible to find true love from a biker? Justin Danes is a member of the Makers of Peace, MC. He’s hot, he’s sexy and he kisses like a god.

But he’s not for me.

You can’t make someone love you.

I should know.

I’m an expert.

I’m not going to try anymore. I can’t trust him to keep his word. I won’t trust him to be there for me, he’s already proven he won’t be.

Someone is out there for me. Somewhere. 

Will I find the one to love me? Will Justin leave me along long enough to find out?

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