Finally Mine Book 4 – A Makers of Peace Novella OUT NOW!

Finally Mine Book 4 – A Makers of Peace Novella OUT NOW!

I freaking love this book – this is the one I cried through when I wrote it, a lot!

Since this is the fourth in the series of six, this is when things really start to heat up.

I hope you enjoy it!

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My Happily Ever After – GONE. Chase’s life was finally perfect. The motorcycle club, his brothers, his woman – perfect. Everything he wanted was within reach. Until it’s not.
Chase and Ainsley have worked hard to make it, they’re moving full steam ahead, nothing will stop them now. Until the old seeds of insecurity and distrust spread like a wildfire.
Something is happening, no one knows – but soon, Ainsley’s secret will blow up. Has she changed? Has she matured? Has he?
It may be too late this time.
The story continues in this fourth part of the Finally Mine Series. A Makers of Peace novella.

Finally Mine, A Motorcycle Club Romance (Erotic), Books 1-6 are each ~100 page novellas,

Makers of Peace
Finally Mine – Books 1-6 (Chase & Ainsley)
Already Mine – Books 1-5 (Justin & Julie)
Fighting For Mine – Books 1-5 (Eric & Trish)

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