Finally Mine Series – More Coming Quickly! Jump in NOW!!!

I’m having so much fun with these Makers of Peace MC guys from Finally Mine!

Right now, I’m writing the Fighting for Mine Series – which is Eric (Fetch) and Patricia Ann’s story. Love getting to spend more time with Chase and Ainsley from Finally Mine!

So – this picture is of ME! It was taken just a couple of years ago 🙂 Just kidding – I was about eight or nine and taken right there in the middle of where these books take place. Some of my very favorite childhood memories are from right there in Eastern Kentucky.

This is Eastern Kentucky, where Finally Mine is set.
Yes – this is me! Don’t notice the hair! Humidity is a BITCH!

Book 4 in the Finally Mine series is coming on Tuesday, August 7th, just a few more days! This is a series of 6 books that follows Chase and Ainsley through all the highs and lows that finally lead him out the other side.

Book 5 will release August 28th and Book 6, the final book in the series will release Septmber 11th. These books are already available on preorder – so no delays!!! No waiting a year for the next part after a terrifying cliffhanger.

After Finally Mine (Chase & Ainsley) I’ll share Already Mine (Justin & Julie) and let me tell you – those two are a handful! We’ll probably be hanging out in Eastern Kentucky for another year, I have plans for at least two more series with the Makers of Peace Motorcycle Club and their women.

I love these characters so much, this area of the world and can’t wait to share them all with you. It’s fun to be able to use some of my favorite memories in my stories. One day, I’ll write my memoirs 🙂 and admit how many of these scenes are true, or based on true events. Of course, I fictionalized them, the locations are mostly real, but fictionalized too, but a few things, like camping at Cave Run Lake are beloved memories from my own childhood.

Happy Reading!


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