Makers of Peace Motorcycle Club – Fighting For Mine – New Series Underway!

I am loving the Makers of Peace Motorcycle Club. I’m so excited – Finally Mine is done – D-O-N-E! DONE! Already Mine is done, editing starts next month – so now, onto the next series!

Fighting for Mine started out with some vague ideas as Trish began to whisper in my ear. After finishing the first draft of Fighting for Mine Book 1 – and really getting to see what Eric and Trish want to tell us, I’m so excited to find out what happens. next!

I started book 2 on Tuesday, so just 2 days in….whew!

This Girl!

She is STUBBORN – seriously stubborn! Not sure if I love it about her, respect it about her or if it is just going to drive me CRAZY!

In case you don’t know – Fighting for Mine is the third series about the Makers of Peace Motorcycle Club. It’s all about the bikers, their families, their friends and all the crazy crap they can get up to.

Fighting for Mine is all about Eric “Fetch” Cary and Patricia “Trish” Ann Long.

That last name look familiar? Yep – she’s Mountain’s neice and Ainsley’s cousin.

This series is completely different from the others. It has to be, these are two completely different people! Yes, she’s still feisty, but in her own way. Yes, he’s still an alpha biker badass, but in his own way.

This story is told from a new perspective – from Eric and Trish’s eyes – and they don’t see things in the MC the same way Chase and Ainsley do. Sure, Trish grew up in the life. Her dad Runner is Mountain’s beloved big brother, but her life isn’t quite the fairy tale Ainsley’s was.

I’m excited to bring these two to life! I can’t wait for you to meet them – I think you’re really going to like these two – most of the time! Trish is introducted in the Finally Mine Series, along with her family members. You will meet Fetch and start to see this pair together in the Already Mine Series.

Already Mine Book 1 will release October 2, 2018.

Okay 🙂 Back to work for me – it’s Eric’s turn to talk right now, and he is pretty annoyed.

Love you all – and Happy Reading!

*Don’t forget – Finally Mine Book 3 comes out on Tuesday (which just happens to be my birthday!)

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