Oddly Strange Morning Ramblings

Here it is, Monday morning, once again. I’ve just finished my first cup of coffee, the second will be poured shortly. I’m currently wearing my super sexy fluffy pink bathrobe, the one my mother in law bought me about ten years ago. I also have on my super awesome, demure fluffy slippers, the ones with the furry stuff inside and a good rubber sole, because I wear them to let out the chickens and ducks in the morning, before I sit to chat with you.

I have nothing really to say today. It’s like a Seinfeld day, an entire TV series based on – nothing. I’ve had a headache for a week – no major shock, it happens. We went to watch the Super Bowl yesterday, at the home of some good friends. My teenage son and I found ourselves sitting in the living room while everyone else crowded in to the downstairs TV room to watch. The entire time, I wished I’d thought to bring my laptop.

We’re both pretty shy and a bit introverted, but in our defense, we had the excuse of watching the little ones. That was total crap, mostly, I felt uncomfortable with the large crowd and I know he did too. I had some good one-on-one conversations with a couple of people, which was great, but otherwise, I chatted with him and check on my hubby & girls to see if they needed anything.

I know everyone is different, but in a crowd like that, I always feel just that – different. I’m a bit more of a loaner than is probably healthy and it seems that my son is the same way. When the party is at my house, I do better, simply because I can busy myself with the job of hostessing, but really, I’m still about the same. I find so few people that share the things in common that I actually care about.

When I ask the question “So, have you read anything good lately?” And they look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language or give me an excuse about how they’re too busy to read, I cock my head to one side like a dog would and study them like they’re an alien creature. Maybe I need new friends, only ones who read and I can just talk about books with. Then, when we’re all at a party together, if one or more of the group needs to spend the time in the corner reading, because they’ve just picked up the new – whatever – we will totally understand!

There you go – my strangely odd ramblings of the morning.

Happy Reading!


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