Attention all Authors of Erotica and Erotic Romance

Not many are willing to support us, let alone admit to loving us! We are all too often the dirty little secret hidden under the bed or within the book jackets of another book. Thankfully, we all now have an e-reader so men and women alike can enjoy our salacious stories anywhere and without judgement from others.

It is difficult for us as indie authors to get our name out there, to get our books recognized when Amazon won’t promote our books and neither will several marketing sites/blogs, etc. Yes!!! ┬áThere are quite a few that will and we LOVE them! Like LOVE LOVE them!

We even struggle with reviews because our faithful followers are nervous about their reviews being seen by others.

We struggle with the same judgement and ridicule in our own personal lives, which is why so many of us write under a pen name (myself included).

What would happen if we banded together and supported each other. Yes, we compete for book sales, that is true; however, those of us who write shorter works, are on Kindle Unlimited, etc. know that it’s easy to read ten shorts a day. I was sick a few weeks ago and laid in bed all weekend. When I wasn’t hacking or sleeping, I was reading. My KU subscription paid for itself that weekend.

Let us band together. I love when another author or blogger (or ANYONE) retweets one of my posts or shares something for me on Facebook.

All we need to do is share the new releases, sales or other book related posts made by our fellow authors. If I retweet for you and you do the same for me, your post has just been shared with my followers and mine with yours. It is a karmic thing, I guess, what goes around comes around, but I think it may help us all to get the exposure we all so desperately want.

Our writing will stand on its own, if one of your fan likes my book they may read more and vice versa. If that were expanded by, say ten authors instead of two, it would only get better.

Share, if you’d like with your other author friends and we can all be friends and help each other out. I’d go with the I’ll wash your back and you can wash mine, but we are, after all, erotica authors, so that could get dirty quick!


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