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Did you know that sometimes my alter ego, AKA Anna Cummins writes some pretty dirty little shorts? Well – if you’re not squeamish – here you go. If erotica isn’t your thing – hit the back button and go back to the romance tab!

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Rescued from a life of fear, Katri is welcomed into a new world steeped in tradition and RITUAL. She is sheltered and cared for, but the veil of innocence is finally removed, and it is time for her to take her place in a steamy world of heat and carnal pleasures.
One night will change Katri’s life forever, will her education be enough to prepare her for all that will be expected of her.

As the second in command for one of the largest criminal organizations in his homeland, Adrik steps forward to take the hand of the girl he wants, but wading through the ancient traditions of his family may prove to be more than this man can handle.

RITUAL is an erotic novella, too steamy for most. Prepare yourself and enter the fanciful world of Adrik and Katri.

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Anna Cummins

Once a girl who had it all, Presley finds herself all grown up in the world, alone except for the one man who has sworn to take care of her and to protect her.

When she realizes that his feelings have morphed into something completely new and definitely taboo, it will be too late for Presley’s heart to be saved from the one man she shouldn’t give herself to.

Nailed is an erotic novella, and just way too hot to handle.

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5 Naughty Tales of the First Time




Sit back, relax and enjoy some great first time novellas. Inside, you’ll find some great stories!







Cumming Home Volumes 1-4

Volume 1homecoming-cover

When a young woman returns to the home where she grew up, will she find the passion and love she has been longing for? Will the man who helped raise her, be open to the new kind of relationship she has in mind?

What will Cassie find on the Wyoming ranch after being away for four years? Has growing up allowed her to see her surroundings in a new way?

When she gets everything she wants, will she be able to handle all the secrets that await her, or is she much too innocent to understand what happens behind closed barn doors?

Cumming Home is a story of pure fantasy and fiction.

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Volume 2cumming-home-part-2

Cassie and Dustin have found their happily ever after, but there are secrets he’s keeping from her. What will happen when she finally discovers that she doesn’t know all there is to know about her new husband?

Dustin has been a Wyoming rancher all of his adult life. He has kinks that he hasn’t shared with his innocent new wife. Will she be able to accept him for all he is? Will he be able to change and discard those old urges and find his pleasure only in her young supple body?

When Cassie learns the truth about her husband, everything changes and sets her world to spinning in a new direction. As young and innocent as she is, she isn’t sure if she will be able to adapt to what will be expected of her now and all the guilty pleasures ahead.

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Volume 3Cumming Home Part 3

Dustin is torn between his lustful urges and the innocence of his wife. He hates that he’s hurt her, but can’t seem to stop himself from demanding her submission at every turn – even if he requires her to submit more than she ever has before.

What will her breaking point be? Is Dustin willing to find out?

Don’t miss this next taboo episode of the Cumming Home Series. Get your copy on Amazon today!

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Cumming Home Part 4


Volume 4

Sometimes – Fantasies do come true!

Dustin finally gives into his primal needs and exposes Cassie to his darker side. Will it be too much, or will it be just what she needs?

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