How Hard is it?

So, I was asked the other day, how hard it was to write a book. Well, it’s pretty damn hard. Mostly, I have to get the crazy-assed voices in my head to quiet down long enough so I can write down what they’re saying. Then, I have to clean up my personal stories enough to share them with others.

Seriously (though all that is pretty much true) the hardest part is pausing the book I’m currently listening to on Audible, or turning off my Kindle to actually write something. We all get so invested in the characters we’re experiencing through our favorite books, it is hard to separate ourselves from them long enough to accomplish anything else.

Sometimes, the strange voices in my head make me get out of bed at three in the morning to tell their story. Does anyone think there is something strange about that? No one said that we were sane, right?

Just thought I’d share my little #MondayBlogs and Crazy Author Thoughts, maybe I should write a psychology book on that…though it wouldn’t make any sense to anyone, not even me.

Happy Reading!



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