Uh Oh – Things are getting Dicey!

Well – sometimes I am all about romance, sweetness, alphas, a little drama and their awesome and amazing happily ever after. Sometimes my alter ego “Anna Cummins” takes over and I’m all about the erotica. Apparently, Ms. Cummins has taken control and won’t let me stop. Yes – I’m supposed to be editing Reed right now – yes, I should be coming up with my next story – but the truth is, I can’t do anything but type.

There are some downsides to writing so much erotica – and if I have to tell you what that is, well, you probably don’t read it. By the way – if you don’t, don’t feel pressured, erotica is NOT romance, it is a completely different thing. It’s like the difference between a RomCom and porn – though I do try to make the stories a little more interesting than that.

Why do I write erotica? Well, I have no idea. Sometimes it just comes out, yes I’m open minded, obviously, which helps immensely when writing in that particular genre, but there is something about erotica that makes my creative juices flow in a new way.

So, if you’re sick of seeing Anna Cummins take over, telling everyone about what she’s putting out there, just stick with me for a little bit. Let’s let her get this out so she’ll stop nagging me!

Don’t worry – too much – I am working on Reed and hope to have his story released somewhere around the end of January or early February. I’ll give you a definitive date when it gets closer.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with friends and family and find some time to relax, curl up with a good book and enjoy.

Anna Scott

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