Who is A.V. Scott? Erotica vs. Romance?


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Filled by the Squad A. V. Scott Erotica Author

A.V. Scott is still me! She’s just my much dirtier alter ego! I am working on moving the erotica novellas over to the author name A.V. Scott, Anna focuses on romance, erotic romance, yes, but she is much more story-driven and sweet. A.V. focuses on the short and dirty fun.

Why, you ask, would I separate those parts of my brain? Well…if you pick up and read Luke, for example, and hope to find something similar, then read Taboo, you’ll find two completely different types of reads. Some of us (including me) switch back and forth, depending on our moods, some of us don’t.

In order to make it easier to pick the kind of story you’re looking for, or avoid the kind you don’t like, I’m putting them in their own corners. They will all still be on my author page, I’m not hiding myself, or my true nature, both of these genres speak to me deeply, but depending on my own mood, I like to write in different ways.

With so much going on, getting Jake ready for my wonderful and trusty Beta Readers, Christmas coming up and a couple of fun shorts coming soon, it will take some time to get everything sorted. Please be patient with me 🙂

Love you all, and hope you find just what you’re looking for!!

Thanks for always being amazing!


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